What about changes in my body and mind?

It’s normal to have both long and short-term relationships. If you are in a caring relationship, your partner probably means a lot to you and likely gives you support and affection. When you are faced with cancer, you may feel differently about a lot of things, including your relationship. This is normal.

You might feel differently because your focus has shifted to your health. Or maybe you just don’t feel like yourself. Both are common experiences.

You may not feel like being close in a sexual way with another person when you think that you look different. Cancer treatments can change your body in ways that you think make you less attractive. These changes may include losing your hair, losing or gaining weight, or having scars from surgery. It’s normal not to feel like having sex when you are concerned about how you look.

You may also feel very tired. Having less energy can make you less interested in having sex. Fatigue can last a long time, even after treatment has stopped.

These changes in your body and mind affect how you respond to sexual thoughts and situations. For boys, you may not get as erect (hard) or ejaculate (cum) as usual. For girls, you may not get aroused or be able to orgasm. It’s important to remember most changes are temporary.