Can you tell me a story?

Of course! Do you want to know what’s wrong with CHOCO’s arm?  So the story goes:

It was a bright, sunny morning – just the kind of morning that bears, especially little bears, love!

CHOCO Bear was just starting to wake up as he felt those first rays of sunshine peeking through his window. He stretched and yawned, and yawned and stretched. Slowly he opened one eye, then the other, and then he let out a squeal of delight.

“Oh, boy! Oh, boy!” he exclaimed, as he hopped out of bed. “It’s a perfect day, a simply PERFECT day, for doing what I love best!” With that, he quickly made his bed and scampered to the kitchen to find a special little bite to eat.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to be around many bears in your lifetime, but if you have, you know bears have two favorite things in life: eating honey and climbing trees.

And today, TODAY CHOCO was going to get to do both! He was so excited as he pulled down a big bowl marked “honey” from the top shelf! He poured a little bit of golden nectar into his breakfast bowl, than a little bit more, and then just a little bit more for good measure. After all, he was a growing bear and would need some extra “go-power: to climb trees today. After the very last drop of honey was gone, CHOCO Bear licked his lips, sighed “delicious!”, and decided it was high-time to get on with the business of the day – climbing trees. CHOCO had a favorite tree for climbing – it was the tallest tree in the neighborhood, and from its top branches he could see the entire city.

So into his backpack went a little mid-morning snack of honey and crackers (for as you know, climbing trees is hard work and he might need a little extra something to get him through until lunch) and set off on a brisk walk. It was a beautiful day to be outside. CHOCO skipped along, enjoying the warm sunshine and the smell of the flowers.

Soon he was at his favorite tree, which stood in the middle of his favorite garden. Quickly he scurried up to the first branch where he settled down to enjoy the view.

“Oh, the garden looks beautiful from up here,” thought CHOCO, “but I think I’ll go up a little higher so I can see even more of my neighborhood.”

And as he climbed higher, he composed this little song: “It’s a wonderful day To go out and play; I’m so happy to be Climbing this tree!”

Now it’s hard work climbing a tree, as you well know, by the time CHOCO finished his song he was feeling pretty tired and in need of a little refreshment. So he found a branch that seemed like a good place to rest and plopped down to enjoy his honey and crackers.

“Mmm, that was certainly tasty” he murmured a few minutes later. “Now I’m ready to climb even higher!” and up he went. Up, up, up to the highest branch he scurried. At last he was up so high he could see the entire city!

“Wow!” exclaimed CHOCO. “This is super! I can see my house and grandma’s house…” He stretched out on the branch to get a better view. “And there’s my school…” Now CHOCO crawled out to the tip of the branch (holding on very carefully, of course!). “Gosh, everyone looks like ants from up here. There’s the grocery store, and there’s Children’s Hospital and there’s…”

Suddenly there was a loud CRACK! “Help!” yelled CHOCO, as he tumbled down, down, down through the leaves and branches. CRASH! BAM! BOOM! CHOCO thought he’d never stop falling, but finally he hit the ground with a THUD! For a moment he lay there, too surprised to say anything. Then he let out a wail.

“Owee! My arm! I hurt my arm!”

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he slowly pulled himself up. “Oh it hurts! It hurts!” He was pretty scared and couldn’t think what to do. Then he remembered Children’s Hospital. “I bet if I go there, they can help me!” So he dusted himself off and headed down the trail towards the hospital.

At last he was there! Once inside, he was amazed at how friendly everyone was. The nurses and doctors took him to a special room where they cleaned off his cuts and bruises and wrapped his arm in soft white bandages. It was decided that he should spend the night to make sure that his arm was really okay.

CHOCO settled down for the night in a comfortable bed and dreamt of honey, and trees, and sunshine… And before he knew it, those first rays of sunshine were once again peeking through his window. Already it was time to go home! As CHOCO headed home, he thought what a wonderful place Children’s Hospital was, and what good care he had received. He decided right then and there that he would become a special friend of the hospital. And so he became a very busy bear, indeed, helping the children who came to the hospital in any way he could.

To honor all his hard work for Children’s Hospital, CHOCO’s picture was put up EVERYWHERE throughout the hospital. And that’s the story of CHOCO Bear.