QUIZ: Ready to Take Charge?

Want to find out if you are ready to take charge of your own healthcare decisions? Answer yes or no to these questions:

  • Do you know about your condition or disability, including treatments you have received, or are getting, and what future medical monitoring will be important?
  • Do you, or have you ever, called to make your own doctor’s appointments?
  • Have you ever spent any one-on-one time with your doctor to ask questions about your health in private?
  • Do you make decisions about your health care—like letting your parents and doctors know your preferences about treatments, follow up or medications?
  • Have you talked to your doctor about how and when you’ll start seeing an adult doctor(s)?
  • Do you know about your health insurance? Have you talked to your family or medical team to prepare for the insurance changes that happen when you turn 21?
  • Have you explored resources that might be available and helpful to you—like Social Security Income, Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and/or school transition to work services, special education accommodations in college, cancer survivor scholarship opportunities?

Great! We’re done. Now count your yes and no answers.


Quiz Results

Mostly Yes

Lookout! You are well on your way to taking charge of your care, if not the whole world. You are on top of it. Your transition into the adult world is coming, but you are ready.


Keep it up! It sounds like you are headed in the right direction. Over the next few months, make a point to ask lots of questions and learn details about your cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Mostly No

Time to dive in! When it comes to your health, sometimes what you don’t know CAN hurt you so stay informed. Talk to your care team and your parents about how you can start to play an important role of taking care of the most important person on the planet—YOU!