What are the possible effects of cancer treatment? (girls)

• Some chemotherapies can cause you to start your period later.

• Some young women who receive cancer treatment have premature ovarian failure (POF), also called premature menopause. Unlike regular menopause, POF does not happen naturally. POF is when women the ovaries stop working in a woman younger than 40. If cancer treatment causes POF, it is unlikely that you would ever have a period again, or be able to have a baby. Generally, POF is managed with hormone treatments. Girls and women with POF should eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. It will help strengthen your bones and protect against potential heart disease. Your doctor may give you medicine to keep your bones healthy. At this point, there is no treatment to bring back fertility if you have POF.

• Radiation to your pelvis can cause damage to the uterus, increasing your risk for infertility, miscarriage, spontaneous abortion or premature birth if you are pregnant. Girls who receive cancer treatment as children tend to have fewer fertility problems than young women treated during the teen or adult years.

Your period causes regular monthly changes. It is important to talk to your doctor if you notice ANYTHING new or different in your monthly menstrual cycle including:

• Irregular menstrual cycles

• Hot flashes

• Breast tenderness

• Painful intercourse